Some years ago, when my third kid was just a little baby, I met a friend who had worked with me years before.  She told me that CSC was looking for an English teacher.  So, I went there and met Ir. Rosmari.  At that time, she just thanked me and nothing more happened.  But, months later, I was surprised when she called me.  She needed an English teacher and remembered my name.  Then, I worked there for only one month at that time.  Later, in February, she called me again to start my adventure as CSC English teacher.  
I will always thank Ir. Rosmari.  She supported me in a difficult moment in my life.  I had, at the time, three little children and it was very difficult to leave home in order to work.  But I couldn’t disappoint her, because she had bet on me. So, I tried to do my best.  
In CSC, I made great friends.  People that saw all my way in this school.  People who helped me, and nowadays I am happy to take part in this amazing year – CSC´s 60th anniversary.
I was here in the 50th anniversary when Ir. Bernadete gave us a gift.  It was a memory book. Mine is with me till today, and I’m happy of it. I remember all the group celebrating and taking pictures.  It was a great fun and unbelievable pleasure.
Being here to celebrate one more decade is very exciting, and again, I must thank everyone that has contributed to make my teaching task easier and sweeter.

Teacher Claudia Régis Vaz
Professora de Inglês do CSC

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